Bragi Wants to Change the Way We Hear the World

A new approach to tackle hearing loss and tinnitus

About 20% of the US population – 48 million people – have some degree of hearing loss. About 30 million people have tinnitus, and more than 17 million people suffer from both tinnitus and hearing loss combined, with 40% of those having tinnitus experience its symptoms at least 80% of the day.

50 millions adults suffer from Tinnitus in the USA ranging from mild to severe.

Despite these alarming numbers hearing aids are expensive and wearing one is generally stigmatized. Especially for people with chronic tinnitus, they have little to no hope for a cure or relief in day-to-day situations.

Even with the over-the-counter hearing aid legislation signed into law, access to hearing aids is cumbersome: It usually takes an audiologist to measure your audiogram and to finely tune a hearing aid to your respective hearing loss. On the other hand, the so-called PSAPs (personal sound amplification products) are widely available, but usually these products are not adjustable to your hearing profile which means the sound you receive is standardized and not personalized to your needs.

Similarly, app-based tinnitus relief solutions have become ubiquitous, but they obstruct you from being fully engaged with occurrences in your daily life – outside sounds are drowned out by the masking noises delivered through your headphones- and again hearing-aid based solutions provide little to no personalization to your specific tinnitus profile without measurements and adjustments by an audiologist.

In 2015, Bragi introduced The Dash, the world’s first Hearable, a tiny computer for your ears. With the Dash, Bragi’s vision is to enable, protect and entertain you. Moving forward on this path, at CES 2018 Bragi introduced Project Ears to explore using the Dash’s ear computing platform and Bragi OS for hearing health use cases: to provide for the first-time personalized tinnitus relief and personalized audio enhancement and hearing protection. We want to enable you to mask your specific tinnitus symptoms without drowning outside sounds to hear better, and ultimately to protect your ears from loud sounds and noise.

Looking even further we believe hearing enhancement is not only beneficial to people who suffer from hearing loss. Our state-of-the art personalized audio amplification technologies developed together with Mimi Hearing Technologies provides “super-hearing” to everyone, enabling you all to hear even the slightest sounds that you normally would not.

We believe in a future in which hearables are smart enough to make tinnitus and hearing loss irrelevant. Technology will ultimately solve these problems, that you forget that you had the problem in the first place. If it’s not a cure, it will be a solution invisibly small and discreet while functioning imperceptibly.

Our first step is to provide you with a stylish device that you’ll wear proudly like a pair of new glasses that calibrates itself to your specific hearing profile without a third party – be it a smartphone app or manual programming – to provide you with hearing enhancement that is personalized to you. In parallel, we are working on an embedded soothing sound therapy to help you relax and bring you relief from tinnitus. Using Bragi OS, the Bragi NanoAI embedded artificial intelligence and edge computing capabilities, we aim to build an intelligent solution that understands you and adapts to you and your individual needs.

We want to bring you along on this development journey, listen to your feedback, and use your help to innovate the future of personalized hearing technology.

Join us! Receive regular updates on our progress and get the opportunity to contribute to the development of the future of hearing with Project Ears.

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Raghda Sweid

Editor of Project Ears and a true believer in our mission to enable you.

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